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CLYDE: We Can Support Ukraine Without Neglecting Americans

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Congressman Andrew Clyde (GA-09) released the following statement after voting against H.R. 7691, the Additional Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act, which ultimately passed the House last night by a vote of 368-57:

“As a former Navy combat veteran, I understand the serious nature of preventing military aggression into Ukraine and am deeply concerned that we must do what is necessary to prevent further Russian incursion into Europe by providing the Ukrainian people with military assistance. However, there are serious questions surrounding many provisions within President Biden’s Ukraine aid package that have nothing to do with military assistance, including broad allowances for refugee resettlement and benefits assistance. Given the Department of Homeland Security’s shoddy handling of such measures after the Biden Administration’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal, lawmakers have every right to raise concerns about these requirements and vetting processes. Moreover, this bill further increases deficit spending, putting taxpayers on the hook for the printing of billions of dollars for government agencies and unaccountable bureaucrats with minimal oversight or details of how that funding will be used — yet Democrats rammed this pricey package through without a second thought.

“Helping Ukraine as it continues to face Russia’s unprovoked attacks is one thing, but it is fiscally reckless and morally misguided to spend an additional $40 billion on protecting the sovereignty of foreign borders while failing to fund our wall at the southern border, provide relief to Americans suffering from 40-year high inflation, or address disastrous supply chain disruptions.

“Simply put, about 40% of this bill has nothing to do with supporting the defense of Ukraine and I cannot justify ignoring those glaring issues — or President Biden’s self-inflicted crises that Americans are battling here at home ⁠— in order to supply Ukraine with supplementary aid. We can support Ukraine without neglecting Americans, but Democrats remain laser-focused on advancing America last policies rather than debating reasonable solutions that still help our friends while putting Americans first.”


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