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FOX NEWS: GOP demands apology from Biden’s VA for ‘baseless lie’ about cuts to veterans’ programs

EXCLUSIVE: GOP demands apology from Biden’s VA for ‘baseless lie’ about cuts to veterans’ programs

Dozens of House Republicans are demanding that the Department of Veterans Affairs apologize and take down a press release that claims the GOP’s debt limit bill would harm military veterans, and called the statement an attempt to "despicably fear-monger" over their legislation.

"This is a shameful use of scare tactics and a blatant attempt to mislead millions of veterans across our nation. The truth is not a single provision in this legislation even mentions veterans’ benefits. In fact, many Members of Congress who voted in support of this legislation are veterans," Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., wrote in a letter signed by 65 House Republicans.

"Your department’s press release presents yet another attempt by the Biden administration to despicably fear-monger the American people, and we demand its immediate retraction and correction," they wrote.

Republicans also called on Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough to "issue an apology to our veterans for intentionally creating undue fear and anxiety in order to advance a false and sinister narrative for political gain."

The late April press release claimed that House Republicans’ Limit, Save, Grow Act would "cut a broad range of critical programs by 22%" and "would threaten critical services for Veterans."

That statement prompted outrage among the GOP ranks, and last week, House leaders hosted a press call last week to reject the claim. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., told reporters he called it a "lie" when he met with President Biden about the debt limit on Tuesday.

"Instead of effectively negotiating a responsible path forward on the debt ceiling with House Republicans, President Biden is determined to push blatant falsehoods about our sensible solution," Clyde, a 28-year Navy combat veteran, told Fox News Digital. "Our Limit, Save, Grow, Act has zero cuts to veterans’ benefits – and the White House knows this. Yet in a desperate attempt to deflect from the President’s inaction, the VA is shamelessly spreading this baseless lie in order to advance a dangerous political narrative."

The House GOP letter sent on Thursday also stated that a range of veterans benefits, such as education and home loan programs, are classified as "mandatory spending" rather than the discretionary levels they’re looking to cap.

"Not only is your press release inaccurate, but it is also an attempt by the Biden Administration to deflect from acknowledging the devastating consequences that Democrats’ rampant spending has had on our veterans," the letter stated.

It cited a survey by the Wounded Warrior Project that claimed more than 80% of young wounded veterans and their families are feeling hard-pressed by inflation.

"We are deeply disappointed that your department and the Biden Administration would make flagrantly false statements while your own policies are driving hardships for veterans," the lawmakers wrote.

Department of Veterans Affairs referred Fox News Digital to the Office of Management and Budget when asked for comment and once again shared the press release from April 21.

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